Queue (queue) wrote,

Dynamic Web pages

Announcing the relaunching of a couple of my dynamic Web pages. Using CGI.pm for the headers and such has cleared up the problems.

  • jottoword.pl - Grabs random words from my Jotto dictionary and links to their definitions. With the expansion of my dictionary, you may find that some of the words aren't defined on dictionary.com.
  • userpic.pl - Loads random LiveJournal userpics. No, it is not possible to find out who these belong to. Feel free to play the how-long-until-I-see-a-picture-I-recognize game.

And, for good measure:

  • boggle.pl - Loads a random Boggle board, with the same distribution as Boggle Deluxe. Clicking on the "Load the same board" link will make the location of the page have parameters that uniquely identify the board. This allows you to send the link to someone else, so that you can play the same board. Or you can just brag about your score.

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