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November 25th, 2002
11:26 am


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Technical help

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Date:November 25th, 2002 08:53 am (UTC)
I see the first (Mozilla 1.0r2 on Win2K) just fine, which I think is browser-related since it doesn't work in lynx, but the second is text. When I save out the second page, it gives it a .txt extension, so perhaps the problem is that the page has some other extension on the server and the server is not configured to send that type as if it is HTML, which may be the same basic issue that you are having on aq.
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Date:November 25th, 2002 09:01 am (UTC)
Hmm. These both work fine using IE, though. And, if I remember correctly, they work fine using Netscape 7.0 on Windows 98 at home. So, if it were a server problem, it should not be working on all of them, right? Or would some browsers be able to handle server wonkiness better than others? If it's not obvious, I'm pretty much clueless about browser technology.
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