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CCAE catalog

On my way out the door to a party yesterday, I saw that we had mail. The new copy of the CCAE catalog had arrived (two copies, actually), so I grabbed it and stuffed it in my bag. After enjoying some wonderful shakes in my cow glass (I just now realized the appropriateness of drinking milkshakes out of a cow glass), I browsed through the catalog.

Having been extremely busy the past couple of months with taking the classes I was taking, I had decided not to take any more classes, but I like to look at class descriptions anyway. And, of course (I say of course a lot, don't I?), I found some classes I'm thinking about taking.

Basic Freelance Writing - This is a 10-week, all-online course. No showing up at class? Definitely my kind of course. Weekly assignments are supposed to get you to the point of actually submititng something somewhere by the end of the course. I wonder what I could write about that would be interesting other than Jotto.

French - I've been meaning to pick French up again. Unfortunately, I'm not too sure what level would be appropriate. I took through AP French in high school. I tried to take a second-semester French class in college (my 3 on the AP test was good enough for a semester), but it was unbelievably boring. Switching from writing a page a day in French in reaction to some piece of literature to conducting most of the class in English was just a huge switch. I ended up dropping the college class, and I have done nothing with French since (it's been something like eight years). So, if I were in my prime, I would probably do fine in the advanced class. I think I'd probably be bored in the first level class, although maybe not. It might take me one class just to get used to it again. I suppose I could just take the third level class and spend some time with some French books and tapes before the class. We'll see, I guess. Wednesdays from 5-6:30 is a good time. The advanced beginner class is Wednesdays from 6-7:30, which is also an okay time.

Recorder - I've futzed around a little with a recorder, but, as was highlighted last night, I don't really know how to play one. Taking a class might give me a chance of actually sounding good. I played the French horn in grade school, so picking up reading music again won't be any kind of problem. And I know I can learn the fingerings pretty easily. The idea of learning a musical instrument is appealing to me as a possible song-writing medium. Of course, the songs I want to write generally have words, and it would be a little hard to sing and play the recorder at the same time. hrafn has a guitar that she hasn't touched in a while, but I'd hate to get started on that only to have it go away when she goes to school, and I really don't want to shell out money for a guitar of my own until I know I would keep it up. A recorder, on the other hand, is no large investment, at least for a crappy plastic one. However, this class is on Wednesdays from 6-7, so it would conflict with the French classes, unless I chose different times for the French classes.
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