Queue (queue) wrote,

In which our hero actually does some work

But not real work. I finished up the fake stuff that I had started earlier this week. All of the stuff I've managed to accomplish this week probably could have been done in a day. Probably half of a day, really.

And I supposedly have my meeting in a few minutes, which may or may not actually be considered work.

Let's see, I've managed to write a few LJ entries, but nothing of particular interest or import. I've exchanged some email. I've made some phone calls. I have managed to be uninspired by the Word of the Day. I ate a bagel. I don't really want to face my co-worker in this meeting. I've had a few minutes of interaction with her already today, and it was annoying. This meeting is going to be worse. She's going to spout off about how she's taking a project management class, and how she knows about how projects should be managed, and she'll suggest things that could be done to manage this project better, things that are already being done but she doesn't know about because she's a peon.

Now that I've managed to work myself up, it's time for the meeting.
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