Queue (queue) wrote,

Markov madness (-n 500 -d 3)

Okay, so I'm here. Let's see if I can make it monthly.

I really need a Boggle icon for lj.
Had dream where I was jealous about someone I'm no longer dating. I asked someone why I would feel so trapped, not having a car that I could massage her legs. And I ended up waking up early, having a discussion, having a "discussion", then going back to sleep and had some bizarre nightmarish thing.

Time now to actually implement my fix for the program. Results will probably be considerably inconvenient, since he's cooking dinner tonight. Blech, maybe we'll just do whichever one the majority wants to do. If there is interest, I would also be non-specific enough for me to do it; the people whose chapter outlines are also going out on Friday. Good thing I didn't tell her what I'd be selling, but she somehow knew anyway. So, those represent the three things you need to make a full-sized batch and actually can it. Would anyone be interested in this that it would make it more difficult for me to do on my project, I should see the supervising editor for the Grade 6 book one day, actually. So, now I don't feel that I already have written. So, it looks good to have this first draft done to send in on Wednesday. I may work on it a bunch.

Hmm, I haven't thought about celebrating. I guess it's time for soup.
Sometime, I need to go. Breakfast at Sound Bites and then spending the day with three women, but not with two other women who have become more important to me while I was when I woke up to Kit's alarm, or there was possibly just a little surprised that I didn't get to bed early tonight, so I might be near the top of the building. Conclusion: either I don't have something that I think will benefit from my thoroughness.

That turned into an animation from that, which I might post later. I think I'll have to do is figure out what I need to write some poetry to go in and put some time in my life, and it will eventually work. I should probably keep trying other possibilities, but I just don't feel like doing anything. I think I would really like to be a movie theater there, so I must have associated "adult" with "serious" at some point. As a much older person once told me, I have to look up, since I noticed that accents were wrong on some of the larger files, I've set it so that it could take a train back. I certainly don't want to leave it in the compendium. Went through my journal for this month to see what was going on, and they were still over there, but playing Boggle now. I was majorly fantasizing about her, even more so than I normally do on the web site, so I said I'd do that. I wonder what all we

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