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Doing no work, my reputation increases - Queue — LiveJournal
November 21st, 2002
11:15 am


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Doing no work, my reputation increases
That's twice now in two days. Two people have asked me for files that I sent them a while ago that they misplaced. Since I was smart enough to keep all of the files that I have created for miscellaneous projects that I've worked on here, I was able to send them the files again immediately.

I think I learned from my time at Prentice Hall to keep things like that around, even after you don't necessarily think they'll be useful. Also emails. I had the co-worker asking me several weeks ago about some e-mails that we received a while ago on the project. I was able to pull them up to check what had been agreed on. I gave her a mini lecture about saving all email from the project you're on. I don't know if she's taken up the practice or not.

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