Queue (queue) wrote,

Well, that was unexpected

I had a voice mail from my boss this morning. She called after I left yesterday, saying that she had meant to meet with me yesterday about extending my contract but had gotten bogged down in meetings. So we just met now.

I had expected that it would be about extending the contract for the current stuff, since it is certainly behind schedule. It turns out that it's for a more general editorial position, most likely involving technology products (e-books, PowerPoint slides, stuff like that), probably some proofreading and such. It would start nowish and go through until June. This position opened up because someone unexpectedly resigned due to an upcoming baby. So, I guess I would still be doing the stuff I'm doing now until it's done, but I would stay on and start doing the other stuff.

She said she'd like to know in a week or so if it's something I'd seriously consider or not. I wanted to take some time to think about it, but I'm pretty sure that I'll take it. It's really hard to pass up guaranteed employment, since I don't really know what other kind of job I could find. Also, it sounds like it would be some interesting stuff, stuff I haven't done before. And it seems that they appreciate me, which is something I haven't often felt in a job, certainly not at Prentice Hall. And there is absolutely no chance that I would be actually writing textbooks, since they don't do that stuff here. The writing is done by outside contactors. The whole writing part was what I really didn't like about my job at Prentice Hall. So, it sounds like I'd get to do some proofreading stuff and also some planning/brainstorming stuff, which is also appealing. Really, that's what I need to be doing: be involved in theplanning and in the fixing, and leave the meat of the development work to someone else.

So, I think this could be good. I think I will tell my boss later this week that it's something that I would seriously consider. So, we'll see.

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