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Well, I was planning on coming home and writing a decnt sized entry. However, I'm in a pissy mood due to something personal with Kit, which I will refrain from posting. I don't really know why it bothers me, because it shouldn't. It just plays on my insecurities. Of which I have many. Or maybe just a few that keep popping up in different forms.

I was going to eat some dinner leftovers, but instead I ate some dessert leftovers: part of a French silk pie. Not as good as the ones I make, but, I mean, chocolate is chocolate. I'm sure my stomach won't be liking me in the morning. I'm going to have to look into that non-diary cream stuff that whips up like real cream that I heard about.

Boggle at work today with dway, and she won the first one (we traditionally play 5 each day), her first game in a week. Played some more Boggle at a friend's, and I didn't win most of the games. I think everyone had a chance to win at least one, with someone doing the Boggle dance of joy when she beat me. We played 5-letter minimum for the last half of the games. That's kind of fun, since you don't have to feel like you're rushing to get down 50 - 60 words.

Hmm, just writing a couple of paragraphs and I feel a bit better. I still have my insecurities, but I wouldn't be me without them. Probably time to go make things better with Kit, if she's actually even bothered. It's hard to tell sometimes.

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