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So, I get in this morning and find some papers on my chair, which I was expecting. It's notes from a meeting of my immediate boss and her immediate boss, which is a rework of my chapter. Just flipping through, it doesn't look all that bad, although it does make worthless some of the page fitting work I've done the past week or so. But, I guess that's to be expected, especially for the chapter in the book that is going through first in order to be the sample chapter that people see first. I'm sure there will be other major changes along the way as different people see it, and I think I can work with that.

But I see at the top of it: "Work lessons in order between you and Blake." Although the email I got, that was also sent to Blake, says "Blake, after Queue has read my notes, he may ask for your help with lessons." (emphasis mine) So, I'm not sure if I necessarily need to get help or not. I'm hoping that I can go into quick mode (which probably means less LJ and Jotto) and get stuff done this week by myself, so that I don't need to ask for help. Of course, I won't know if I'm going to need help until it starts taking me a while, at which point it will be too late. And I'm wondering if the email from my supervisor was just a way of phrasing it, whereas the thing written on the notes came from Boss Lady, who will expect that it will happen that way, and probably wouldn't be too happy if I didn't.

The thing is, this is my chapter now. It started out being worked on by 4 different people for the first edit, while I was still working on the high school book. But it's supposed to be mine for this edit. I've already got someone working on some endmatter stuff, and that's fine. But to have someone working on the lessons, the meat of the chapter, is not happy, especially since it's someone who doesn't quite know what he's doing, yet. All of the people who are working on the book that I'm working on did some part of the chapter I'm working on now, and I've found things in all of them that indicate less than cluefulness. They do things that, if they would just RTFM (M = template info document, in this case), it is quite clear how to do things, and they very clearly did not read it or simply did not read it carefully enough. And it's not complicated stuff. So, basically, I'm working with incompetent people, and one of them is supposed to "help" me with my lessons. I will be reviewing them before they go further on, which is at least something.

There are only a few people I consider competent, clueful editors at work, maybe 8 or so, and most of them are in supervisory roles and so are doing little editing, and none of them are working on my book. I know I have a lot to learn, still, but I really do feel like I have a grasp on a lot of this. Plus, I know who to go ask when I need a little help, and I know how to ask.

I was doing okay with this job being able to be in charge of my own stuff. Now that I apparently have to farm some of it out, I'm not a terrbily happy camper.

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