Queue (queue) wrote,

My name in print

I went to the New Genre release party on Saturday (hmm, they haven't updated their Web site in six months). The highlight of the evening was seeing the magazine with my name in it. Well, perhaps a little better was one of the editors telling me that he thought this issue wasn't going to have any errors since I had done such a good job helping them find stuff. So, I got my free copy and bought some more to pass out to family and such. I read one of the stories out loud Sunday night, and, while I didn't notice any errors, I did notice places where I might have questioned something that I might not have questioned back when I last looked at these stories. So, I think my copyediting class has given me a better perspective on these things, which is good to realize.

I think there are some good stories in there, so I have no qualms about recommending it. The Web site lists places you can pick it up, like Pandemonium. You could also contact the editors and probably arrange to pick up a copy at their place in Davis Square.

Role playing last night was the first time all four of us got together and stayed together for most of the evening. It's nice that the preliminary stuff is all done with. Of course, there was a lot of information dumping last night, each pair having lots of interesting information that the other pair didn't. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Going to see a play tonight with magid at Brandeis. Except for that awful Russian one, I've enjoyed all of the plays I've seen at Brandeis, so I'm expecting good things from this one.

I saw a man getting on the T this morning. In one hand, he held a bag of paper cups, maybe 100. In the other hand, he held a gallon of Mr. Clean. I almost asked him what he planned on dong with those.
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