Queue (queue) wrote,

Last night's copyediting class was perhaps the most useful yet. We mostly talked about beign a freelance copyeditor and getting freelance jobs. That reminds me that I need to update my resume to include my current job, the copyediting course, my Jotto article, and the stuff I'm doing for Krayzen.

Speaking of Krayzen, majes and I got together last night to discuss a style sheet. When we finally got down to work, we did a little style sheet stuff, but we mostly talked about the plans for publishing. I hadn't really had any kind of clear idea about what his plans were, so it was good to find out. I think it's helped me build some excitement about the project, which I'm hoping to turn in motivation to do some work on it Saturday morning when I have some time.

Another busy weekend coming up. I've got things going on all three nights, and also Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I also feel like a certain cubicle neighbor social butterfly, except that I only have one party to go to each night.
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