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WOTD - Queue — LiveJournal
November 7th, 2002
10:13 am


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I've heard that Aborigines eat parakeets,
and that budgerigar comes from their language,
meaning good to eat.

I've tried to imagine immense flocks
flying in the wild, thousands, millions of parakeets,
a green and yellow sea.

The Aborigines must use huge nets,
cast into the middle of the sea of good-to-eats,
pulling in a few hundred at a time.

Safety in numbers? Except,
the Aborigines wouldn't have bothered with
one lone parakeet, doing its own thing.

I actually used a thesaurus for that. Not anything exciting, but it did get me the word "sea". I think I might start using a thesaurus more when writing poetry. It's pretty neat, seeing all sorts of related word, searching for the one that best fits, following links to other words, lost in a sea of words.

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