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November 6th, 2002
10:49 am


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She's okay
magid's car got smashed up this morning, but she's okay. I'm sure the details will be on her journal. I got a phone call when I was literally 3 seconds from getting onto the T. So, I had to et out of the parking lot and then . . . umm, wait, there are chains across the exit to the parking lot. Drive around, don't see any other exits. Get out of car, talk to guy at other parking lot, he comes over, doesn't know how to open the gate, drive him around to find the "old man" to open it up. I don't have to pay, since I was just there 10 minutes (well, initially). After a short explanation of why I'm leaving just after having gotten there, I get to hear this guy say "Girls shouldn't drive in the rain." Definitely quote of the day. Then trying to follow directions to unfamiliar places, getting lost, trying to get directions to get unlost, getting even more lost. Hanging up and figuring it out with a map. How the hell did I get to fucking Winchester. Pick up the carless one, drop her off at the car rental palce in Central.

I'm afraid I wasn't very supportive, since I'd just driven around for an hour and a half trying to find this place. And now I feel like shit about that. At least work isn't challenging.

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