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November 5th, 2002
01:04 pm


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Clear, loud, and ringing, its ominous note
comes last, announcing ruin into our night.

Okay, that's good enough for a first one.

I struggle with the decision whether to let the reader know that this is an acrostic. I used to think that they would be obvious, but that has not been my experience. On at least two occasions, I have written acrostic poems for people and not had them realize that's what they were. Of course, doing the first letter of every word is not the usual way, so it makes sense that people wouldn't see it. So, do I come right out and say that it is an acrostic? How much does that knowledge alter the way the poem affects someone? Should careful study of the poem be rewarded?

I don't have any answers, as usual. I'm much better at questioning than answering, at criticizing than creating. So, I'm telling about this one. I might tell about others, or I might not.

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