Queue (queue) wrote,

Work and the co-worker

Well, I managed to get through most of the day without seeing the co-worker. But then we had to get actual work. Well, almost. We were told that this was it, we were actually going to start. And the guy came up to show us what to do, and he wasn't the one who had answers to questions of process. He was only there to answer the technical questions. So, I sent an email to my supervisor, and I guess we're waiting until at least tomorrow to get the questions answered and the real work started. We're closer than we've ever been, though. We have actual files. Of course, the number of actual files is pretty small. Our turnaround time should be very quick compared to the people who are supplying the files to us, so I'm not sure if we're going to be busy enough. And I'm really not sure how this project is going to finish on time. I don't get invited to the planning-type meetings for this project, and no one has seen fit to fill me in. Any time I ask about the end of the project, I've just heard that the end date is not changing. Well, if the end date is not changing, then there is going to be less done than was originally scheduled to be done, because we're already more than two weeks late, and the original schedule already had the last two chapters two weeks late.

Oh well, I get paid the same regardless of how fucked up this project is. I'm really looking forward to February 1st, though.

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