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After a really excellent Word Game Night, where people stayed until about 2, I woke up a bit after going to bed, thinking I was choking or something. I really had no idea what was going on. I went into the bathroom, saying "help me" once I got there, which I guess wasn't loud enough to wake my sleeping partner. I spent some time at the sink doing that spitting up of really thin saliva that I always associate with throwing up, and having the really runny nose, too. Any time I tried to clear my throat, I could feel the bile there, but it was like it was just stuck there. I went into Kit's room to wake her up to ask her if she had any ideas of what to do, because I was pretty much clueless, having exhausted my ideas by trying to drink water, which wasn't helping. She didn't have any ideas, other than maybe trying to drink some soy milk. I drank some, and there was some very temporary relief, but then the effect vanished after about 5 seconds.

So then I got the idea of calling Cue, who had been at my party earlier and who was now at work. He's had acid reflux problems, and this sounded like what that was, so I called him at work. He had several suggestions, one of which I took. I put 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in a glass and filled it with water and drank the whole thing. It didn't taste as strongly as I thought it would, probably since I used one of my larger glasses. There was almost immediate relief, and things were settled down enough so that I coudl sleep.

It's now after 9am, and my stomach is feeling all acidy again, like it did last night before going to bed. I guess I should do another baking soda and water thing. And I really should try to eat better. I had lasagna from an Italian place, and I know that tomatoes are too acidic for me, especially when I'm already in an excited state trying to get everything ready for the party. And then I ate a bunch of junk food, most notably half a box of those shortbread cookies with the raspberry jelly-ish topping.

So, it's off to drink more stuff, and then I'm not sure if I'll hop back in bed or not. On the one hand, my girlfriend might miss me if she happens to wake up and notice I'm not there. On the other hand, I might not be able to sleep, so I'd just be sitting there awake while she sleeps. And I probably don't want to go back to sleep, either, as I'm almost certain to have nightmares, since I always do after going back to sleep after waking up.

I had some sort of dream where someone was trying to tell me that Afghanistan had attacked us again (yes, I know Afghanistan never attacked us), but it was really noisy. I understood, since I sort of read her lips and gestures, but no one else heard. I don't really remember anything else about it.

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