Queue (queue) wrote,

Beard free

I shaved my beard off Saturday morning. It was bugging me, so I decided it had to go.

Saturday evening at a Boggle event, I mentioned that I had just shaved my beard. Someone I had never met said that I had a "nice face". When I pulled out various forms of photo identification to show what I looked like with a beard, the same person told me that I looked nice with a beard, too, and that that was not a common thing, for someone to look nice both with and without a beard.

I'm not really used to being complimented on my appearance by people I've just met.

At work today, someone who I've worked a little with before and am working a little with again because my real job still hasn't started commented on my lack of beard and said that it "looks nice".

And, yes, both of these people are female, which really is a nice ego boost. I guess it's a good thing that I have a beard most of the time, otherwise I'd have to be beating them away with sticks.

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