Queue (queue) wrote,

Day off

So I called in sick this morning. I stayed out late last night, then I stayed up even later starting on Mastering Regular Expressions (which, by the way, really seems like an excellent book). Woke up this morning and figured that, for a lot of reasons, it would be a good thing to take today off. So, yay! This means I will have to make up a bit more time if I want to take another planned day off, but that shouldn't be any problem, because there's going to be quite a bit of work to do once this project actually gets started.

Last night, I emailed myself at work about three things I wanted to remember to post about. I may post about them later today (since I actually do remember what they are), as long as I can do some stuff to feel productive, like try to get the Compendium out and make some applesauce. And probably do some Krayzen editing if there's time, although I don't want to do too much of that until majes and I sit down to talk about a style sheet. I also need to get to a notary today to get all of the stuff taken care of for donating hrafn's car, since my name is on the title. Fortunately, that's going to be really easy. It seems most Mail Boxes, Etc. have notaries, so I just need to drop in whenever and do that. Very convenient. And only $5 for the first signature and $2.50 for each additional one. Sure, that turns out to be over $400/hr for the minute it will take to get it signed, but it's a good deal for me, so I'm not complaining.

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