Queue (queue) wrote,


Well, I sent out the first draft of my Jotto article for TPR. We'll see what happens.

I feel pretty good that I set this as the deadline for myself and I actually did it. I was prepared to just send out crap, just to send something out. But I actually kind of like the article, which scares me a little. Who knows how butchered its going to get. I hope I'm not too attached to it that I won't want to make changes.

The one thing I'm worried about, and I've been worried about it, is that it doesn't have any code in it. Most of the articles in the magazine have at least some code in them. But, really, the article isn't about code. So, we'll see what the editors think.

Hmm, I've got the rest of the evening to myself. I suppose I could finally put the pictures from my sister's wedding (in April) up. And then maybe a bath. And going to bed early. Mmmm. Bath and sleep.

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