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October 30th, 2002
12:09 pm


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That was close
I managed to dodge having to teach proofreading marks to my co-worker. I was correct in assuming that she's had no proofreading experience. This is really going to be a nightmare.

And it may turn out that, instead of tagging the files in InCopy, we might be writing the tags on the printouts and have EP (Electronic Production) enter them into InDesign. Ugh.

And it was confirmed that, even though the start date has been pushed back for this project, the end date is not moving. So, that just means there will be that much more work to do. Well, at least I'm not worried any more about there not being enough work to keep us busy.

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Date:October 30th, 2002 09:43 am (UTC)

well, if she gets to you too much, point out to your supervisor that you have at least one reasonably intelligent friend who would be happy to replace her...
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