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October 30th, 2002
10:50 am


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Well, okay, not really
"Ignore any instructions you got about these documents this morning."

Ah, yes, good communication is so wonderful. Someone gives me some stuff, telling me to tag it but not to edit it. Two hours later, I hear via my boss that that person's boss said, "Ignore all of that. We need to proofread this."

This project gets some benefit of the doubt since it really is a pilot project, so people are pretty unsure just how to proceed. Still, it doesn't seem communication is happening as well as it should. If this continues, I might revise my opinion about possibly getting a job here after my contract expires.

So, in another 15 minutes or so, the co-worker and I will get some direction on proofreading these printouts. Umm, I don't think she has any proofreading experience. This should be interesting.

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