Queue (queue) wrote,

It never rains . . .

Split front brake hoses are under warranty from when they fixed my brakes in March, so that doesn't cost me anything.

The clutch, however, is almost gone, so it needs replacing. $900. The front tires are bad, but I'm just having them rotate them with the rears, and I don't have to worry about that. Cooling system needs flushed, and I need an oil change. All told, it's going to be $1184. And, with all the work, they might not get it done today. Whee.

We've put quite a bit of money into the car, but at least the engine is still good. Last time I had it in, they said they wouldn't be surprised if it lasted another 100,000 miles. And it's already well over 200,000 miles. So, yeah, I want to hold onto this car.

Hmm, maybe it would be worth it to have hrafn get a couple-years-old used car, something where we'd have payments for a while, so that we'd at least have one car that we wouldn't have to worry too much about.

With all of this car crap, I don't see how I can afford to take any time off when this contract is over. Fuckity, fuckity.

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