Queue (queue) wrote,

Dead car

When I brought my car in this morning, the guys at the shop told me that hrafn's car is dead (sometimes it pays to have an unusual last name). Dead in the sense that it would need its engine rebuilt. And, since it's a piece of crap, it's just not worth it. hrafn is taking care of the funeral arrangements, and I'm going to loot the corpse when I go to pick up my car later today.

I hope my car is just a leaking brake line and not a kaput master cylinder.

We were given "homework" at the training for new editors yesterday. So, I guess I should do it if I'm going to go to the session today. I don't really feel like it, though, and I may want to take off a bit earlier to get my car so that I still have time to get to class tonight. I think I'm really ready for these classes to be over.

The co-worker came and bugged me this morning, and I guess we're going to be meeting at 11. I just really did not need to deal with her today. I should have just called in sick. Of course, since I have no days off, calling in sick would mean making time up later. I've already got enough extra time saved up for the two days I'm taking off to go to Indiana in December, but I'd like to be able to take a fun day off sometime, and making up all of that extra time is not going to be very much fun. Oh well. Anyway, I didn't take today off.

Time to do some work. Someday, I may even start the work I was hired to do.

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