Queue (queue) wrote,

Broked cars x 2

hrafn's car has 2 cylinders with no compression. They're going to open it up tomorrow to look at it and see what the deal is. I'm betting it's a dead car. It's a piece of shit and deserves to die, but the timing is inconvenient.


My car has a leak in the brake line. hrafn had no problems with it this morning, but the brakes were almost gone this afternoon when she came to pick me up at the T stop. I took over driving and managed to get it to the auto parts store just down the hill from our house without crashing into anyone. After consulting the owner's manual, I put some brake fluid in it. Still no brakes. Called zzbottom, since he knows about cars, at least more than either of us does. He said to try pumping the brakes and seeing if the fluid level went down or if it was leaking. I had hrafn pump the brakes, and I saw fluid gushing out. So, a leak in the brake line. I guess I'm going to repark it, since I don't want to leave it in the lot overnight. And then I guess I'll get it towed in tomorrow. Really fucking inconvenient timing.

One okay thing is that both of our jobs are T-able. However, we have to either walk quite a ways or take a bus to the T stop near us, and I've never taken the buses around here, don't know which one I need to take, how to figure out where it goes. I know, I can just get on the MBTA Web site, but that's just a pain in the ass I don't want to deal with right now.

I put a call into treacle_well's voice mail, so I hope thatw e can get a ride to gaming tonight. If she's not driving, then I suppose we can probably have majes swing by at pick us up, but that will probably be considerably inconvenient, since he's cooking dinner tonight. Blech, maybe we'll just take the fucking bus.

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