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Of course

After some initial futzing on the computer, I actually start to write my Jotto article. I have the first paragraph written. Then . . .

The phone rings.

It's my mother.

I haven't talked to her for a while, so I feel obliged to talk. We talk for quite a while. Somehow, I still managed to go back downstairs after the phone call and write some more. It was good to do. I wrote the introductory bits and just started on the actual programming bits. I also made some notes about possible ways to proceed with the rest fo the article. I see that I basically have two options. Or, well, maybe three. The two main options are to try to fit everything into one article or to see about splitting it up into multiple articles. If I tried to fit it all into one article, I would have to choose between having a longer article that goes into a lot of detail about each of the bits or a more reasonable length article that doesn't give as much detail.

Right now, I'm leaning toward splitting it up into three or maybe four articles. The first article would be about playjotto.pl, the program that picks a secret word and has you try to guess it. The reason I think I could get a full article out of that is that it was my first Jotto program, I use it for the base of my telnetable version, and I use it for the base of my email version.

The second article would be about guessjotto.pl, the program that tries to guess your word. The reason I think I could get a full article out of that is that I struggled a bit with coming up with a good way to do it, and then all of the drama associated with testing the two different AI guessers of words. Plus the way I learned about splitting things up to make it easier, using modules and such.

The third article would be about the dictionary. The main part that would be interesting from a Perl perspective is how I initially used a module from CPAN to help filter a list of words. Discussion about that and about some of my other trials trying to get a dictionary together would be interesting.

The Jotto puzzles could be a possible fourth article. Talking about how easy it was to come up with a program for these since I had my Jotto.pm module written. I'm not sure if this should be an article on its own or be put in with the second article when I talk about writing the Jotto.pm module. If, by the time I'm ready to think more about this article, I have published some of the puzzles and done more with Perl in the publishing, then I might make it its own article.

Anyway, the first step is to write the first article and see what I think of it. If I find that I'm not able ot go on and on about it enough for at least a 3-4 page article, then I might consider just lumping everything into one article. Of course, I'm sure I have the ability to ramble on and on about the subject, so we'll see.

I have some slight apprehensions about not having enough (or maybe any) actual Perl code in the article, but I'm pretty sure that's going to be okay. The point of the article isn't to show Perl code, and I don't think articles for TPR necessarily need to be like that. I like the idea of an article that chronicles all of the stuff that I did with Jotto and Perl. I think other people will find it interesting. And the point isn't to show off code so that people can use it to make their own Jotto programs. The point is to inspire people to use something they're really interested in as a vehicle to learn Perl.

And now it's time to be productive some more and do some Krayzen editing.
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