Queue (queue) wrote,

So, I have the program I have running spit out a line into the output file every time it has checked 100,000,000 combinations. So far, it has spit out seven of those lines and not found a single match. I'm definig a match as 5 words that contain more than 20 different letters of the alphabet. I'm running it on the word list that has all of the words with multiples of a letter removed, but that list still has 7,944 words. 7,944 objects taken 5 a time is somewhere around 30,000,000,000,000,000,000. So, only 300,000,000,000 times as long as it's already gone on, which is about 19 hours. So, umm, okay, maybe that's not going to get done in a good amount of time. Well, I'll let it run for a while and maybe I'll get lucky. Of course, since it's running through the combinations in order, it's actually less likely to come up with matches in the early stages. Maybe I should have it do it randomly for a while. Or maybe actually sit down and think about the problem some time. Of course, there are things I need to do that are a lot more pressing. Like writing the draft of my article and editing for Krayzen.

Hmm, maybe I could take out any word that has more than one vowel. That might significantly reduce it . . .

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