Queue (queue) wrote,

My font problems

Trying to find some Hebrew, I thought I'd do a location search for journals in Israel. I think it happens that there are a lot of Russians living in Israel, and they all have LiveJournals. So, what I was seeing that looked like Cyrillic characters . . . was actually Cyrillic characters.

Now I need to find some more journals of people who post in Hebrew. Not that I'll know what they're saying, of course. I guess I could go scan people who post in israeli.

Speaking of Hebrew, I got to read some Hebrew last night and have it translated for me as I read it, although I did know a few of the words. I think I might try to start in on the textbook that I got for the class, which we haven't used yet. Now that I know the alef-bet, I think I might be able to work through that.

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