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Web page goodness

I was going to post about this stuff this morning, but I wasn't in a particularly good mood, so I didn't feel like posting good stuff. I'm still not in a great mood, but I figure that I won't ever post about it if I don't do it now.

So, two bits of email waiting for me this morning. One was from my mom. among other things, she told me that she thought my C-3PO page was really funny and that she forwarded it to a friend of hers who is really into Star Wars. My first evidence that any of my family is reading my web page, even though I've been sending them email about each Compendium as it comes out.

The other email was from a stranger who happened upon my Jotto page. He told me about his experiences playing a variant of this game as a child. In the variant, you tell which letters are the correct ones, so it's quite a bit easier. Anyway, he had been thinking about trying to find a set of 5 five-letter words that use 25 different letters, in order to make for really good guesses for this game. So, I'm in the process of trying to figure out the best way to search my dictionary for that. I've already got a pared-down five-letter dictionary that excludes any words with a repeated letter (takes out something like 25% of them). My main concern here is going to be to figure out a way that is reasonably fast, since the pared-down dictionary still has close to 8,000 words.

I'm pretty happy with some of the unsolicited comments that I've gotten from my web pages.
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