Queue (queue) wrote,


Pretty tired. I may try to take a nap when I get home before going out for the evening. Of course, I'll want to check my email, and that will eat up some time, and just sitting around relaxing will take up some time, and then I won't have all that much time, so I'll probably want to get in some recorder practice before heading out, so no nap. Good thing I'm planning on getting to bed by 10 tonight. We'll see if that actually happens. I guess it depends on how long game things take tonight.

One of the nice features of work is that there are occasionally things that other people send out that get distributed for review. So, since I need a break from my own work right now (going to let some problems stew away in my subconscious), I can review a chapter that someone else released. So I can just sit in my chair, feet up on another chair, pencil in hand, read and make comments. There may be some extra-long blinks in there, depending on how comfortable I get.

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