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I got taken to a weekly gaming event for the first time, and I had a lot of fun. The people there were pleasant, and I had a good time playing some new games. I played Klunkers, Zero, and Tichu (which I had played once before). Klunkers is a nice, quick game with a lot of luck. Definitely worth considering adding to my collection, especially for only $10. Zero is a nice little card game, similar in some ways to Target. It also goes pretty quickly. Tichu is a bit more complex than either of those games. It's more like a traditional trick-taking game, and it can actually be polayed with a regular 52-card deck plus 4 special cards. A full game of it to 1000 points lasted quite a while last night, so I was able to pick up some of the strategies again; the last time I played it was something like 6-8 months ago, and I played one full game and part of another. People said that I played well, even though I was a beginner. Of course, there is much card-playing in my genes, so I think I can pick those kind of games up relatively easily. Tichu is more complicated than Euchre, which I played way too much of in high school (and was very good at). It gives me hope that I might be good at Bridge, if I can ever find a group to learn with.
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