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NPR WESUN Puzzle - Queue — LiveJournal
October 21st, 2002
11:37 am


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The current puzzle:

This week's challenge comes from Sudipta Das, a young computer student in Calcutta, India. Think of a familiar 9-letter word, in which the first letter immediately follows the 9th in the alphabet. The 2nd letter immediately follows the 8th in the alphabet. The 3rd immediately follows the 7th, and the 4th immediately follows the 6th. For example: SPECTATOR (S follows R, and P follows O). Unfortunately, the pattern breaks down with the remaining letters. Hint: The word is used most often in the TV and film industry. What word is it?

After struggling for a little bit to figure out what exactly this puzzle meant, I wrote a program to solve it. I had one little problem with the program, but it was easily fixed once I searched out some online documentation on how some things work. The program whipped through the 32,000 nine-letter words in about 10 seconds and came up with the unique solution.

Not sure if I should send it in or not, since it was so easy to find with a computer and a word list.

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