Queue (queue) wrote,

Bit of a dream

Something about the reason that people have vertical blinds that don't close all the way is that they don't deserve them. Like, for some reason, mankind as a whole is getting punished by not having complete privacy because of the little bits you can see through the blinds.

I've decided that I want to read through the previous issues of The Perl Review before submitting my proposal. So, that's what I've been doing so far this morning. Well, I've skimmed some of the articles, but I've read some, too. I just want to get a feel for the kinds of things that are there. If I get published there, I imagine I'll volunteer to do some copyediting for them. I just couldn't stand to have imperfections in a place where I'm published. Besides, that would be another place where I can point and say, "Look what I did" on my resume.

A brief interruption while hrafn checked her email and LiveJournal, in which our hero actually put away his clean laundry, and now it's back to reading.

Oh, one brief thought: LJ code. Inspired by fraterrisus's posting of a Geek Code block. Has someone already done an LJ code? There could be ratings int here for time spent on LJ, number of posts, number of comments, user pics, communities, la la la.

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