Queue (queue) wrote,

Jotto memories

So I finally made use of LiveJournal's memories feature. I went through my whole journal and added memories for all of my Jotto stuff. I figure that this will be useful for writing my Jotto article, since I can easily go back and get a good overview of what I've done.

just coming up with this list has given me another idea for an article, actually. I made the basic Jotto program, and then I made an telnet and email versions. Then I made some different AIs, then I made Jotto puzzles. So, it might be neat to talk about taking one basic idea and implementing it in a lot of different ways. Or it might be a good beginning article about making a module, since a lot of the later stuff was made easier because I had put the main Jotto functionality into a module. Oh, yeah, and there was also JottoZendo, which just required a little tweak to the module.
Tags: jotto, writing

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