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Woke up from a dream at 4:45 this morning. Busy mind kept me awake until it was time to get up. And this after I stayed up until a bit past 11 last night. I'm feeling okay now, but I imagine I'll be crashing tonight. Probably straight to bed after I get home from my class tonight.

I used to sometimes tell people when I dreamed about them. I find it kind of weird now, so I generally don't, unless it's someone I'm extremely close to. The thing is, sometimes when I'm dreaming about a person, I'm dealing with stuff related to that person. Other times, I think that the person is just a symbol, and my brain is not actually processing stuff about that specific person. And sometimes I'm not sure of the difference. And it feels kind of weird to let people that I'm not extremely close to in on that kind of thing. There's also the concern that there will be some obvious meaning that will pop out to someone but that I'll have a hard time seeing until it's pointed out to me, and having other people get a glimpse into my subconscious without me being able to filter it is not entirely comfortable.

Very cold outside this morning. I need to remember to dig out my hat and gloves tonight. It felt really nice coming into the warm building after walking from the T, though. And it still feels pretty nice, sitting here writing my journal entry. You know, I wonder if any of this journal writing has made me a better writer. I wonder if, instead of fiction, I should maybe try writing some essays or something. I remember I had been thinking about writing some stuff up about Jotto. I'm sure I could at least write up a little essay about my Jotto programming efforts. Not that I'll actually do this anytime soon, you understand, but I'm hoping that the repetition will keep it in my brain and eventually get me to do stuff like this. Maybe not until I have another month or so off.
Tags: dreams, jotto, writing

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