Queue (queue) wrote,

Working on a holiday

Since today is a company holiday, I decided to come in to work in order to build up more time to take off. This will get me one of the days that I'm taking off in December to go to my grandparents' anniversary. It should be pretty easy to work the extra time to make up for the other day.

It might be nice to work up enough time to be able to take at least one more day off. We'll see.

I've seen one other person on the floor today. It's very quiet, which is nice. However, I think I am being neither more nor less productive than I would be on a normal day. I've actually got stuff to do, though, which is good. Probably more than I could do in a day, actually. Although I have a feeling I'll be doing it faster than I was told it wold take. I was told that it would take at least a day, probably a little more to do one chapter. I should be able to be done with the chapter before noon. Probably before 11. We'll see. That probably means I can get two chapters done today (I have three to do), slack off a bit, and still look uber-productive.

I ended up not working on the Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle for last week. And this week's doesn't look very interesting (it's just an anagram, whee). I was thinking this weekend that I haven't done a whole hell of a lot that's Compendium-worthy, and the month is already half over. A quick check of the email account that I send my Compendium stuff to reveals that I have exactly two things to put in there so far, and I'm actually not sure that I'm going to put one of them in.

What have I been doing with my time if not Compendium stuff? Well, I've been going to some open studios. I've been reading the Recluce series. More social stuff. And, of course, my two classes. I think I'll really enjoy having the time back when the classes are over, but I'm sure I'll find something else to fill the time.

I guess the question is: what do I want to be doing? Well, I do want to do freelance copyediting, but that's not Compendium-worthy. I also would like to spend some more time writing poetry, which I know I can do. In an ideal world, I would like to spend some time writing fiction, which is a lot more difficult for me than poetry. A lot of the reason for that is because I think that my fiction is not as good as my poetry. I read a lot more fiction, so I see a lot of really good stuff out there, and I know mine isn't anywhere near as good as that. I really don't read much poetry. Maybe I should start reading more poetry. I hope that wouldn't have the effect of making me not want to write it. I also would like to work on a program to play Battle Line. Someone pointed me at a book on a particular type of AI that would seem to work well for something like this. The text of the book is online, so I started reading that. I'd like to have the time to read the whole book and then apply it to write the program. Some time, I'd like to learn to write music. A couple of times, now, I've picked up a recorder and 's old flute books, and I've spent time prcticing that. I could probably pick that up again. Learning to read and play music might help me more towards learning to write music. Of coruse, the recorder isn't an instrument that would allow me to play and sing at the same time. I suppose I could try to pick up the guitar, using hrafn's guitar, which she hasn't picked up in a very long time.

So, editing, writing, programming, and playing music.

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