Queue (queue) wrote,

Still no OS X

I got an email just before leaving on Tuesday that said that I wouldn't be getting my new machine with OS X until Wednesday. I was out on Wednesday. I come in this morning and still no new machine. There's an email that hints that the other person getting a new machine got his yesterday and that I'll be getting mine today. One thing about it, though, is that they said that they are setting it up so that only they install software. Which means I'll have to ask them to install NiftyTelnet. But that's okay, since I do actual legitimate work with that. Yes, I also check my email, but that's okay.

Speaking of yesterday, it was quite fun. There was some time pressure, so I was a bit harried trying to make sure we made it in time. Surprised magid with a trip to the Boston Harbor Islands. Well, George's Island, in particular. And we had roast beef for lunch, with some hummus and crackers for snack, as well as some hazelneut chocolate, which was pretty good. The fort on the island was pretty neat, and the 45-minute boat ride in the harbor was neat, with narration on the way out. I learned that all of Boston's sewage, as well as that of a lot of the surrounding area, is processed at one plant on Deer Island (which is actually connected to the mainland) in a dozen egg-shaped containers. They sell the processed solid waste back to the city as fertilizer, and the ship the processed water (to drinking-water level, they said) eight miles out into the ocean. I was thinking that one well-placed explosive there could really do some damage, if someone were to use that as part of a larger-scale attack on Boston. I hope they have decent security.

Hebrew class was decent on Tuesday, except we didn't learn any more letters. Instead, we did some reading and translating of sentences using letters we already know. So, I picked up a bit of vocabulary. I think I might try to just learn the rest of the letters on my own so I can start doing some more stuff on my own, since the pace of the class seems a bit slow.

I did a once-over of my copyediting homework on the boat ride back yesterday. I'm not particularly inspired to put much effort into it. However, I'm glad I looked at it, and I think seeing the "answer sheet" and going over it in class will be useful. Last week, for example, I got a particular rule about hyphens clarified a bit. I think I need to do some reading in the Chicago Manual of Style to make sure I am doing things correctly.

I think I'm going to try for at least another month off at the end of this contract. Of course, I say that now, but I'll probably want ot find a job as quickly as possible when the time actually comes. But, really, having that month off was really nice, and I used it productively. I think I might be able to feel okay about more than a month if I am able to get some paying freelance copyediting work. So far, all of the editing I've done in my spare time has not been paying work.

So, either I need to start finding some freelance work or I need to start playing the lottery.

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