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So, they are currently having a tea (without any tea) for somebody for getting married soon or something. Many yummy baked goods, including brownies and several kinds of cookies. And I managed to resist. No, really, I did. No, I haven't been body-snatched. Really, I managed not to have any of it. All I had were some salted nuts, no dairy.

I went over to someone's house for lunch on Saturday, and the meal had a decent amount of dairy in it, so I ate a decent amount of dairy. I could have had less than I did, but I certainly couldn't have had none. So, the next day, I was coughing up a storm. For the first time in a while. I think there's a pretty direct connection there between me ingesting dairy and my allergies.

So, let's see how well I do completely avoiding dairy. Okay, we all know it's not going to be complete. I sometimes eat at other people's houses, and not eating really isn't an option if I'm a guest. I think I really need to try to limit it, though, even in those situations. We'll see.

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