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What a fun commute into work this morning. A nice little spin turning onto a street close to home, followed by much slow traffic, followed by glare from the sun that was literally blinding at times, and me with no windshield washer fluid (or frozen fluid dispensers).

Soon after getting to work, magid brought me some Chinese leftovers from PBJ's that I requested last night over the phone. So, I get to eat, which is a good thing since I was really hungry on the way to work. I didn't eat breakfast since I was expecting this food, but I didn't expect to be so hungry on the way in to work. Hungry + tired + snow + glare + car + work = blech.

It looks like the first meeting of Zendo Nuts is going to take place tomorrow. The hope is to be able to play with tougher rules, since we usually play with newbies, and the rules stay relatively simple for them. I would like to be able to hang with the Zendo masters at Origins in July. I had forgotten that the original idea was to do it in doughnut shops (Zen Donuts), but, as there aren't apparently any decent ones close by, we're settling for a coffee shop in Davis Square. So far it looks like there are at least three of us, with one person who answered my email about it but didn't really say if he was coming or not. I'm not going to name names, but let's just say his LJ name backwards is a wholesome snack mix.

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