Queue (queue) wrote,


. . . didn't really happen today. I had planned on getting up early to come home and have that home alone time, where I felt really productive before. However, ended up waking up early, having a discussion, having a "discussion", then going back to sleep until something like 9. I got home and spent my time catching up on email and livejournal and associated stuff. And now it's time to go and spend time doing some gaming and then dinner and then a play, and then tomorrow is possibly a movie and then Epiphany gift exchange and then maybe some home time but probably not home alone time.

I don't feel bad that I'm not being productive, but I feel like I should feel bad, and it's kind of weird. No, that's not exactly right, either. I'm not sure. Mostly what I feel right now is my cold right hand. The thermostat still says 68, but I bet it'll be time to fill the boiler again soon. I hope the next place I live in doesn't have a boiler that's older than my parents. It's a fairly minor inconvenience, but it's still inconvenient.
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