Queue (queue) wrote,

The visit that wasn't

So, it turns out that my dad, in town for the weekend, can't make it to my housewarming after all. He assumed it was in the afternoon. So, I had to change my afternoon plans today in order to see him, since that's the only time I could do it. And then he and my sister are here for something like an hour, maybe a little less. She had to go pick her husband up from work, so, yeah, that was that. I gave the tour, showed them some of my sister's wedding pictures, and gifted my dad with John Le Carre (whom he's read a long time ago) and Clive Barker (whom he's read and liked, much to my surprise, since I only think of my dad reading spy and mystery books). I also gave him the pint jar of plum jam I had. Yes, it was the only plum jam I had left, but I can make more. I made him taste the Ugli fruit marmalade, and he hated it, so I didn't give him one of those. Turns out he hates any kind of marmalade.

So, I'm feeling crappy about the star fruit going bad and also about my dad not being there tomorrow. Lunch was good, but, other than that, it's been a pretty crapalicious day. Tonight should be better. Tomorrow should be good, unless I'm too stressed about hosting that I'm not able to have a good time.

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