Queue (queue) wrote,

Copyediting homework

Well, I don't think I'm going to get as much of my copyediting homework done as I had originally intended.

Tuesday, before my Hebrew class, I gave it a read and marked it up with my regular pencil (we're supposed to use red pencil). Wednesday, I left work early in order to have some time to work on it, but I ended up not feeling like working on it. I think this afternoon at work I will look at it a bit, looking a couple of things up in a dictionary that I need to. Before class, I will probably make an attempt to come up with a style sheet, but it doesn't look like I'll actually type it up.

I'm fine with that, though, since we're not actually turning this in. The instructor said that she will collect one or two assignments, just to check on how we're doing. Otherwise, we're just looking over our own assignmnets at the beginning of each class.

I should probably start making sure that I get my homework done on weekends. Well, at least my copyediting homework. For now, my Hebrew homework consists of writing out letters a bunch of times, and copying a few lines of words. It's pretty easy, something I can do any time with hardly any effort at all.

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