Queue (queue) wrote,


So, my slow pace of work is apparently still faster than that of my co-worker. We split up the grade 8 book, I did the odd chapters, she did the even chapters. We finished that and moved on to the grade 6 and 7 books. I took 6, and she took 7. I went over to tell her something (our supervisor came and told me she was leaving for the day to take care of her sick kid. She's the one who was leading the Bertucci's expedition. I wonder if that's still happening), and I saw that she was on Chapter 2, lesson 3. In grade 6, I'm on Chapter 2, lesson 5. And I've spent yesterday and today doing a lot of stuff that wasn't work. So, I guess my efficiency when working makes up for my lack of focus. Well, at least when compared to her.

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