Queue (queue) wrote,

Dream + letter = response

Sometime over the weekend (I forget now if it was Friday night or Saturday night), I had some dream about being back in school. One of my former teachers was in it, one that I had in grade school. She started teahcing at the high school I was in during my senior year (I think that's when it was). I visited the high school several times after I graduated, both when I was in college and at least once after college. She was one of the teachers I made a point of visiting. After having the dream, I thought about trying to contact her. For some reason or another, she has been the teacher that I have thought of the most. There have been other teachers that have had more of an impact on me academically or for whatever reason, but she is the one that I'll think of most often, and I think I've dreamed of her before.

So, I searched on her name (it's not a common last name) and found her mentioned on my high school's web site. This is how I found the new incarnation of the web site. Some poking around the web site turned up an email address for her. So I sat down and wrote an email to her, telling her that I thought about her a lot, and trying to figure out why and express that. I also let her know where I'm living and what is going on with my career.

I was pretty sure I'd be remembered, since I tend to be a memorable student. So, today I got a response back! It was really neat to even get a response, but to read all of the nice things that she remembered about me was even better. I was told that I stand out, and that my family was an integral part of her teaching experience. I can't remember if she was at my brother's funeral (there are a few key things that I remember about that day, but I couldn't tell you for sure anyone who might have been there), but I'm sure she was. I think I'm going to make a point to stop in at the school the next time I'm in town. I've avoided it the past few times, just because I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be. But now I definitely want to go. Of course, the next time I'm going to be in town is on a weekend. I wonder if there will be time to meet for coffee. Probably not. I'll have little enough time in town, so I'm sure I'll want to spend time visiting with my mother before going to my grandparents' anniversary party, where I can visit with my dad and other relatives. Drive out on Friday, drive back on Monday (or maybe get part of the way back on Sunday). Well, at least it will be in mid-December, when the weather is nice.

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