Queue (queue) wrote,

Jotto puzzle update

I took the easy 5-letter list I had been using (the later puzzles use this list) to generate puzzles with secret words that everyone should know (with no words like 'ruche' in it), and I took out all of the words that have anagrams. The list went from around 3200 to around 1900. There is no possible way that a secret word that has anagrams can produce a Jotto puzzle, since there will never be one possibility left unless there has been at least one guess that scores 5. So, this should speed things up.

I also turned on output flushing, so it will spit each puzzle out as it finds it instead of waiting for a bunch to accumulate. The last one was running for quite a while without spitting anything out, but I didn't know if it just stopped finding any, or if was just finding them at a very slow rate. So, I killed the process. We'll set this one running (and not at 36,000 iterations like the last one) and see what happens.

Been discussing publishing ideas with bitty over email. We'll see where this thing goes.
Tags: jotto, jotto puzzles

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