Queue (queue) wrote,

No, really, I'm not a stalker

Had my first copyediting class last night. The instructor has been in publishing for a long time and currently works as a freelance copyeditor. It looks like it's going to be a good class, and I think the instructor will be a good source of information about the business. I'm not sure how exciting the bits will be where she goes over grammar and punctuation, since I feel that I already have a decent grasp of those. I imagine she will be able to give some pointers on common pitfalls, though, so that might be useful.

I had found out that someone I know only in online form has a Thursday class at the same place starting 15 minutes after my class ends. Her email suggested that we might see each other there sometime. I suggested that we could meet just outside the building or posisbly for a quick cup of hot chocolate next door. I didn't hear back, but I figured I could stand around for 15 minutes just in case.

So I stood there under my umbrella after my class for 15 minutes, watching the people come in for classes. Every female that walked by, I asked myself "Could that be her?" I got looked at by just about every one of those females, so there were about 10 times that I was thinking it was her. And every time I was trying to come up with something to say that wouldn't soundy creepy or stalkerish. Anyway, no one stopped and said "Kevin?" to me.

I think I could make a good creepy stalker, if I were inclined that way. But, really, I'm not.

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