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In an email to Kit, I go on for a while about how I'm not enjoying the work I'm doing right now. I get this response:

Heh. I mean, I'm sorry to hear you've got work you don't like, but this is one of those little tirades that is also kinda cute, because it's just so you :)

Even though I got 12 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep, I'm still tired. The stress of hanging out with friends in the hospital seems to have taken its toll. I was actually doing fairly okay until I left the hospital, since, until then, I was doing stuff, even if it was just being there with them. Once I was no longer actively doing stuff, I started to break down a bit. Part tension release, I think, but also part memories of much time spent in hospitals with my brother being sickover the years and, finally, and the last time I was in patient rooms of a hospital, when my brother died coming up on 8 years ago. And, thinking about that just now, it occurs to me that his 27th birthday is coming up in a 3 weeks. Maybe I should throw a birthday party. It's a Tuesday, so there's a chance there won't be something already going on. I really need to start using my organizer again to keep track of when I have what going on. I had forgotten about a play that I'm going to go see with friends on Saturday. I think I'll reward myself with putting in events for January that I can remember into my palmthing after I get some work done. I don't think I've ranted about work here, yet. If things don't improve, I'm sure there will be a rant here at some point, but now probably isn't the time to do it.

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