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I have a slow leak in my right front tire, so I have to remember to fill it up every so often. It wasn't too long ago that I last filled it up, but my car started pulling to that side on the way to the play last night. I would have to remember to put air in that tire sometime soonish.

I forgot about it as we parked the car, so I didn't check it. As we were leaving the play, I pulled out of the parking spot and something felt really wrong. I reparked, got out, and checked the tire. It was fine. I checked the rear tire on the same side. It was flat.

Wonderful. And this was the night I was going to get home late anyway and have to do dishes.

So, I replaced the flat tire with the tiny spare tire. It was my second time doing it, so it wasn't too bad, once I made a couple of stupid (luckily non-fatal) mistakes. In the process of jacking the car up, I happened to notice a nail head firmly embedded into my tire. So, there you go. Good thing I'm not driving 20 miles to work every day. I need to find some place that I can get the tire fixed. It should be an eays enough thing, I think. Anyone have a recommendation?

I really enjoyed the play, although I think there were moments that magid didn't particularly care for. It was well-written and the actors were great. It was a six-person cast. There was the mother and her five children, and each of the children played another character in the story. I'm a little ashamed to admit that it took me a little while to catch on. I noticed the first time right away, but then there were a couple of the characters that I didn't realize were the children until later. I think they did a nice job with the costume differences, and the actors did a good job with posture differences.

Got home somewhere close to midnight and didn't feel like doing dishes. Was upset from the tire going flat. Checked email and was put into a better mood by a couple of nice emails.

Got to sleep at 1, decided to sleep in as much as I could. Woke up around 3, then a little before 6. Went back to sleep and got up at 7. Did some dishes, but not all. I really wanted to have all of the dishes done before hrafn got home today, but that just didn't end up happening. As it is, I didn't get in to work until 9:30. That means no taking lunch, since I'm taking off at 4:30 to meet my sister and give her her birthday present. Then off to my first copyediting class. I hope that experience is as good as the one with my Hebrew class.

Okay, actual work. And I'll post some more Jotto puzzles later, after I do some work.

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