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So I went to my first Hebrew class last night. Because I can sometimes be an idiot, I got off at the wrong T stop. If I had gotten off one stop later, I would have been right there. Anyway, I know how to get there for next week.

The instructor has been teaching this class for something like 12 or 13 years. She has her own little book that she wrote by hand and photocopied, which she sold us for $5, plus an optional tape with her speaking the lessons for another $5. I got both. One of the things that is different about her class than a lot of other classes is that she doesn't do any of the religious stuff at all. I think most other Hebrew classes focus on the language by looking at the religious texts. Also, they do the letters in a funky order, so that you can spell things like "torah" first. She does the letters in aleph-bet order. So, last night we learned to how say and write aleph, bet, vet, gimel, dalet, hay, vav, zayin, chet, and tet. We also learned some of the vowels, most of whose names I've forgotten. Eventually, though, we won't be using the vowels, since modern Israeli Hebrew is done completely without vowels, which I find interesting. I guess you end up having to distinguish words by context.

So, of course, I'm plotting how to do Hebrew Boggle, once I know more.

Copyediting class starts tomorrow. And I was actually accused of being a real-life editor. Which reminds me, I owe majes some editing time. Umm, not sure when I'll have time. Going to a play tonight, the copyediting class tomorrow, oh, which reminds me, I might get together at Burdick after the class with a former co-worker who lives right near Harvard Square. I think I should have some time this weekend.

Err, and I'll be up late tonight doing dishes.

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