Queue (queue) wrote,

The meeting

Well, just got done with the meeting. We met with three people from the company that is making up the list of things that we have to correlate. It was a good meeting, and it was nice to meet the people that would actually be taking our feedback on the list. They answered some questions that we had emailed to them and proposed a process for us to get further questions and comments to them. The co-worker showed her ignorance through the questions that she sent to be emailed to them and through comments and questions she made during the meeting. After the meeting, I made it a point to take control of the document that we will be sending this company every two weeks with our comments and questions. I did it in as nice a way as I could ("I really like doing this kind of thing, so I think I'll take charge of it"). So, the process looks like it will involve the co-worker giving me her questions, me telling her which ones are stupid and not worth asking, me putting it all together to give to one of our supervisers to review, and then the document being sent off to the other company. Then they will get it back to us, and we can do the process again two weeks later.

I think it will work out well, especially since I've isolated the co-worker from the other company in an attempt to keep them from going insane. The people seemed pretty competent; I wonder if they're going to be looking for help come February. With me having both a math background and specific experience with their list, I'll bet they would love to hire me. Not that that's what I want to be doing, but it would be satisfying to help make this list better. Anyway, it's an option to explore when the time comes.

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