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More jotto puzzles

At last count (I've got programs still running), 940 Jotto puzzles have been created, a mix of the 5-letter and 6-letter varieties. I didn't turn off output buffering, so the output only gets written the the files every 4096 bytes or something like that, so there are actually a few more than 940 puzzles. I solved some over the weekend. I was amused to find that the first 6-letter one that I printed out had the same secret word as my current secret word for my 6-letter game with mattlistener, so I had to hide that one, since he was right there as I was solving it. I looked in a Games magazine that I have, and the Wild Card department didn't have anything soliciting entries to it, and I don't really feel like sending in something unsolicited. Besides, as someone else told me, it's probably not weird enough for the magazine. So, thanks for the idea, zzbottom, but I think I'm going to just publish these myself. If I ever get around to doing it. I suppose I could put some together before Thursday, and then stop off and make a bunch of copies at Kinko's in Harvard Square before my copyedting class. Not that anyone would enjoy them besides me. Blah.
Tags: jotto, jotto puzzles
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